Sunday, June 13, 2010


This loneliness is slowly killing me inside.

Jon's Theory of loneliness.
When your with someone, you somehow create this mental tumor that is the congregation of your thoughts of happiness, love and care. Slowly as your emotions grow so does this tumor's metal mass.
But once your lose this someone and this love disappear there is nothing left to nurture it and it slowly shrinks and deteriorates. As it slowly dies it sends out electrical impulses and chemicals that make you crave love, happiness and care. It makes you feel the way you do when you lose that someone loved, even if you were the one who pushed them away you still get these feelings. Slowly as time passes the tumor get smaller and smaller and the cravings less and less, and finally whens its gone, that's when your once again a single unstoppable flirting machine.
This tumor thou, like a drug, has a buffer for each time you fall in love and out. Every time it gets harder and harder. Harder to find love, and harder to recover from lost love.
This tumor of the soul, i call Healonest. (Heart + loneliness)

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