Thursday, June 10, 2010


Today turned out to a a fine day.
I woke up late and put on a very mediocre outfit. My wardrobe bores me now, and i really hope to get some new items soon. I rushed out of the house at 10am to catch the next bus into the city, i arrived 20minuets later and found her =]. We were studying at the state library today and by the time i had arrived, all the space on the table had been occupied by the others that weren't late. Instead i decided to study in the hallway again. The booth there has now become my favorite =]
(forgot i was writing an i'll just trim the fat)
went to get my e-services card
bumped into R
Went back up to join S
Did some study
Arranged lunch with J
S(2) joined me and S, we went to get R, met C. We all went into the city to meet with J and C(2)
Met up with J and C(2),
R and C went off to get lunch, we parted ways
Had lunch, bought a curry from bento, and IT ACTUALLY HAS POTATO AND CARROT BITS!~
S(2) went back to study.
J went to study
C(2) went home
J(2) came in
S, J(2) and I went shopping
S, J(2) went home.
W came in,

watched prince of Persia
not as bad as expected, it had a consistency to it, (in terms of action to dialog ratio).

Thing seen today.
Skin head x2 (different ones, different occasions)
Old white guy with young mildly attractive asian girl x2 (different ones)
Guy in a nice suit, wearing thongs.

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