Saturday, June 12, 2010


If you had the power:
to facilitate a moment so perfect,
to create something so wonderful,
to compose something so beautiful,
to write something so powerfull,
would you do it?

To facilitate a moment in life were it feels like a dream, the smells, the colors, the people, the emotions. One where nothing else in the world matters, and you wish time would stop so that this moment could last forever.

To create a monument that engulfs your imagination and hypnotizes your mind. Something so great that every entity that passes, stops and pauses to admire its magnificence. Something that you wish every morning you woke up, you could see.

To compose a masterpiece so magical it whisper in your ears and caresses your soul.
Rejuvenates your body and tickles your senses.

To write a passage that stirs the soul and empowers the mind, strengthens the will and reinforces the body. Something to ponder over and over, yet never tire of.

Happiness, Joy, Wonder, Content, Love, Perfection, Grace, Power, Serenity, Pride, Beauty.

...but if you had to sacrifice your own

...... would you do it?

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