Friday, June 25, 2010


[Mood: Tired]
[Style: Messy Hardcunt!]
[Music: Tracey in My Room (lazy dog bootleg vocals) - Everything But the Girl]

Okay so this morning i woke up, went back to sleep, SUDDENLY WOKE UP because i thought i had over slept, went back to sleep, Columbian dealer calling me up and telling me to meet him at 9 for some vanilla, went back to sleep, met dealer at 9:30 picking up a cheap and nice cardigan on the way.

Alright, so by now I'm fully conscious and aware of my surrounding and made my way to Garden city with C and found KD, J, W, M and S.
Did some awesome shopping, had some great laughs, ate some yummy food!
yeah, not much to post about.


I love all my friends so damn much! Every time I look at a photo or watch a video I always feel so happy! Smiling and laughing I just feel so much love for the people around me. Putting up with me isn't easy but some how these people have managed to. Some have even given up their own honor to join me in my retardedness and stupidity!
To all you people out there, i thank you so much! love love love for all you fabulous people!


So i got two t-shirts, a cardigan and two pairs of shoes today. All for under $50!
Cant wait to piece together some outfits!
One of the shoes i got was a pair of white canvas shoes so I'm planing on drawing on them also stitching/gluing some awesome stuff onto them, its going to be so fun! Can't wait!

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