Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Haha camwhore session after i got dressed this morning!
Was feeling pretty so i decided to see how pretty i really was. Haha I sound like i'm so fond of myself. Well i guess once a narcissus always a narcissus.

I had a wonderful day today, first day I've spent at home in a long time. I woke up fairly late in the day, around 11am and decided that I'd air my room and clean the floors. Then i reorganized the furniture and moved some items around the room. I would really like to make the room more awesome in a sense but i don't know what to do (i'll post a photo tomorrow). I went down stairs and my brother was playing Mario on the Wii and i decided to play with him, then we made lunch and ate that. After lunch all three of us were in the "entertaining" room. I played a couple of games of chess against Jack, he's a whizz at Chinese chess but I'm better at western chess but he's improving and i'm pretty proud of him. David was playing piano and some of the random pieces he has been mucking around with are pretty cool, he played some of the Zelda themes and they were really good. I kicked him off and played some random things, i really miss being able to play good music. Hopefully I'll spend some time these holidays remembering how to move my fingers on the ivory keys.
I went upstairs and found my brother playing pokemon on my ds, i let him be and just chilled with some music.

My Grandfather was discharged from the hospital today. I went and saw him yesterday. My grandparents went over to his house to see him today. I made some potato cakes for dinner tonight they tasted great but the mixture was too soft so they didn't exactly "cake" it was more of a glorified mash, my brothers enjoyed it so it was good :P I hope my grandfather recovers without any hassles. He keeps a beautiful garden of fruit trees and flower. My favorite is the Lychee tree hehe, he's also managed to grow about 20 huge and beautiful rose bushes around the house. During the summer they are so beautiful, hundreds of flowers and all different colors.

I always carry my sketchbook with me and its been a long time since I've last drawn, when i went to visit my grandfather i was there for a couple of hours. Whilst we were watching the news he wanted me to help him translate a part so i bought out my sketchbook so that i could make notes of what was being said. After the news i decided to sketch him. At first I didn't want to, because it was such a painful time in his life and i would have wanted to forget it, but then i felt that it doesn't matter how painful it is its still a part of his life and i was sure he would write about it in his memoirs...

Suffering, if confronted without fear, is the greatest passport to freedom

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