Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I'm currently at work and pretty bored right now, I've momentarily entertained myself by discovering that my face is ever so squishy. I'm sitting here waiting for a customer to come in so that i can serve them and feel like I might be doing something for the business.

Working this job for 5 years I've discovered a couple of things about me, firstly that i prefer the quite over the drone of the radio, and secondly that I'm not very assertive at being friendly. There are regulars and locals that come in everyday and I've memorized what smokes they get and what flavor chips the like, but i still don't know their names.

My father has always been a very friendly person, not afraid to talk to people and make himself know, his abilities to work a room constantly amaze me and i admire his skills and mindset. I'd like to say that I've tried to follow his lead and do the same, but he accomplishes this with such ease and fluidity that i fear that i will always be the student. At every place he's work and every business he's owned, he makes friends with every single person and manages to remember their names and details about them. I remember in one of our shops the milk man we had was a huge fellow, my father once told me that his name was Mark and that he had once been a machine-gunner in the Australian army. Most recently he's been looking after my grandfather in the hospital.
The day that i went to see my grandfather, and my father walking into the room, addressed every single person in the ward by their first name, and when i say every single person i mean it. The doctors, nurses, the patients in the same room and even the patients visiting relatives. Understandably i was impressed, but what impressed me even more was when he went to speak to the man in the bed across from us. The man had just arrived this morning and when we left that day my mother made a comment about how he was wearing a maroons jersey and immediately my father replied with; that's because he owns a RSL. Then my father continued on about why he was in hospital and how he is a single parent with two sons and a daughter, 28, 25,and 11 respectively, their names (which i forget), and their occupations.


I woke up this morning to my brother asking for permission to play with my DS and the sound of explosions from the movie my other brother was watching. Keep in mind this was just before 9am and i had gone to bed at only 2am a few hours ago! I needed my beauty sleep. Instead of actually retuning to my slumber i decided to wake up and insult the movie watching brother. After i had sufficiently bullied him I realized that there was a guest in the lounge and therefore i had to covertly commando crawl across the walk way to avoid being spotted underwear cladden.
I have included images for ease of understanding.

After my episode of pretending to be a badass-underwear-wearing-super-commando-spy i got dressed and went out to visit M. (Haha i like how shes called M, just like Bond's handler!) I met up with her at plaza and we talked and chilled (I got to see R work at cha time teabar too!). Then we talked to an elderly woman who wanted to know the time and we realized it was time for me to leave. M kindly walked me home and then hopefully she went to her yum(my)cha lunch.

And this is where we leave our hero, stuck in this trans-dimension of CUSTOMER SERVICE! *DUM DUM DUUUUUUUM* Until next time!

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    Could you make me laugh some more, please? Oh dear the illustrations!!! Admitedly laughed for a good two minutes, minimum >___< Hahahhaaa!

    Looking oh-so productive there at workskies! Hehehe, and also this post seriously does not support the 'my-dad-is-lazy' description AT ALL. Commendable effort, on his behalf :).


    Heheheh kidding, 'til we meet again Sir...;]