Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Life is all over the place right now.

Not much to post tonight.

hehe saw this awesome picture tonight!

Hoping everyone that's away on travels are having fun and staying safe!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


How does one fall in love again? It's been a long time since I've been single and now I'm back in this fast lane and I feel like I'm really struggling to keep up.

The last time i was single was back in high school and it all seemed so much easier. You met new people every second day and some people you got to see everyday. It was easy to mingle and get to know strangers. Then out of all the people you met there was always someone that you seemed to get on better with and liked that little bit more. You would talk on the bus, just the two of you side by side, you would meet up in the weekends or get something to eat after school. It didn't really feel like dating but that was exactly what was happening, you were going on mini-dates and after enough you would confess your feeling and ask them out. It felt as easy as one two three, not to mention the limited responsibilities and variables in high school relationships.
Now as I'm getting older it feels so much harder. Harder to meet new people and make friends. Their timetables, location, age all play such a big role and limits so much. When you want to see them again you actually have to make an effort to arrange a meet, not just wait for them at the bus stop. When you talk to them you need to know about something to talk about, not how gay school was and how you wish the holidays are coming up soon. Finally the biggest unknown is age, so many times I've met people and hit it off but the minuet age is mentioned the air just shifts and changes.
Its such a different playground that we roam now, and i feel like the newest kid on the block, it feels like I've once again become the bottom of the food chain and everything is new. I feel like that young boy trying to build up the courage to ask out that cootie infested girl that he like likes.
My self confidence is so strained right now, I've never feared rejection so much in my life. But what the heck, you only live life once and its too short for you to live your life in fear and regret.

...but what if she says no?

Monday, June 28, 2010


[11:33:17 PM]
M says: Can't you head meeeeeee?







Hehe camwhore~

Sunday, June 27, 2010


M says:
can I ..turn you onnnnnnnnnnnnnn



Its great that you have friends so close that hey feel like family.

But things are always double sided; its great when everyone is happy and life is so bliss, but when one of us are down the rest of us feel for them and the days turns ever so overcast.

I feel like i want to run away from everything that is happening, i want to run away from all this hurt and pain and trouble. I want to jump this sinking ship and swim of by myself, but can I?
I've always been a selfish person, and most of humanity is, and I know that I am a emotional sponge. It doesn't help much that I never know how to put my words either, but i still try. Sometimes.

Standing alone,
watching in silence,
actions unfolding.
emotions erupting;
The night so dark,
but the moon so bright.
The clouds get thick,
but not fluffy or puffy.
instead they darken and cry.
The tears crash down,
the heavens weep
and the earth rejoices.
But the heavens do not stop,
or hear the voices,
that beg no more.
No more.
This watery grave,
this calming scene,
nothing but water and rain.
then nothing.
The heavens weep no more,
all is quiet
all is still
the eery


I often claim to be God, but right now i feel more like the fallen angel than the supreme being. I might feel like God, but i hurt so much.

I've created a world that was perfect, but in the blink of an eye it all fell apart. My world was so perfect, i created man, and it was wonderful. I had some of the best times of my life. Then i created woman and that was equally awesome. Then i bought them together. It was so beautiful but it was short lived, Pandora's box and been opened. Someone had set fire to my Utopia and it was burning away, i could hear my people crying, screaming, asking why this had to happen but i could do nothing about it. I had to watch them die, i had to watch them hurt and suffer, all that pain and i could do nothing.
Fire, why fire? Why couldn't it be an earthquake? Why couldn't the earth just open up and swallow them? why couldn't they just disappear and vanish?
It was like my world had gone into slow motion just so that i could understand what i had done. I had to live it a thousand times over just so that i could feel a tenth of the pain that they had felt. The pain and the suffering that i had created...

Friday, June 25, 2010


[Mood: Tired]
[Style: Messy Hardcunt!]
[Music: Tracey in My Room (lazy dog bootleg vocals) - Everything But the Girl]

Okay so this morning i woke up, went back to sleep, SUDDENLY WOKE UP because i thought i had over slept, went back to sleep, Columbian dealer calling me up and telling me to meet him at 9 for some vanilla, went back to sleep, met dealer at 9:30 picking up a cheap and nice cardigan on the way.

Alright, so by now I'm fully conscious and aware of my surrounding and made my way to Garden city with C and found KD, J, W, M and S.
Did some awesome shopping, had some great laughs, ate some yummy food!
yeah, not much to post about.


I love all my friends so damn much! Every time I look at a photo or watch a video I always feel so happy! Smiling and laughing I just feel so much love for the people around me. Putting up with me isn't easy but some how these people have managed to. Some have even given up their own honor to join me in my retardedness and stupidity!
To all you people out there, i thank you so much! love love love for all you fabulous people!


So i got two t-shirts, a cardigan and two pairs of shoes today. All for under $50!
Cant wait to piece together some outfits!
One of the shoes i got was a pair of white canvas shoes so I'm planing on drawing on them also stitching/gluing some awesome stuff onto them, its going to be so fun! Can't wait!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Okay, Results are in.
Congratulations to all the winners!
and i hope everyone else that entered had fun!

Category Winners;

C.V - Simplicity Award

J.A - Imagination Award

M.L - Creativity Award

Winners can claim their prize by contacting Mr. Pancake and arranging an appointment.

Thank for participating!


Woo got home and everyone was in the study (everyone being both my brothers), so i cam whored!

Had work at 7:00am until 1:30pm, headed out after work and met up with two babes in the city. A couple of old school friends dropped in to say hi to me too and that was a pleasant surprise. So E, L and I were in timezone and played DDR, woo, that was awesome, pure awesome! Then W came in and we went and played some pool. Eventually G's Hair and G met up with us and we went for dinner.
We had dinner at Wah and i ordered a Oyster sauce chicken, it was pretty good, I'd recommend it if you like chicken, rice, stone pots or just cant take spicy food.

Not much happened today. I was good seeing E after ages and good to see L too! I see W every second day so he doesn't matter anymore.


Draw-a-Spy competition!

Entries are now closed.

Hope everyone had fun! ....

Okay, after vigorous and scrutinizing analysis, I have picked out three designers for the shortlist. They are as following:

Hopefully the panel of judges will come up with a verdict soon =]

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Following my last post I have decided to host a Draw-a-spy! competition.
Below i have included a skeleton that you can print out and design your own spy.
Please submit the your deigns to my email where they will be collated and judged.
The winning design shall receive mystery gift and a drink from either;
Mad Espresso
Mad Espresso
Zarraffa's Coffee Sunnybank Plaza

Entries will not be accepted after midday 12pm of the 24th of June, 2010




I'm currently at work and pretty bored right now, I've momentarily entertained myself by discovering that my face is ever so squishy. I'm sitting here waiting for a customer to come in so that i can serve them and feel like I might be doing something for the business.

Working this job for 5 years I've discovered a couple of things about me, firstly that i prefer the quite over the drone of the radio, and secondly that I'm not very assertive at being friendly. There are regulars and locals that come in everyday and I've memorized what smokes they get and what flavor chips the like, but i still don't know their names.

My father has always been a very friendly person, not afraid to talk to people and make himself know, his abilities to work a room constantly amaze me and i admire his skills and mindset. I'd like to say that I've tried to follow his lead and do the same, but he accomplishes this with such ease and fluidity that i fear that i will always be the student. At every place he's work and every business he's owned, he makes friends with every single person and manages to remember their names and details about them. I remember in one of our shops the milk man we had was a huge fellow, my father once told me that his name was Mark and that he had once been a machine-gunner in the Australian army. Most recently he's been looking after my grandfather in the hospital.
The day that i went to see my grandfather, and my father walking into the room, addressed every single person in the ward by their first name, and when i say every single person i mean it. The doctors, nurses, the patients in the same room and even the patients visiting relatives. Understandably i was impressed, but what impressed me even more was when he went to speak to the man in the bed across from us. The man had just arrived this morning and when we left that day my mother made a comment about how he was wearing a maroons jersey and immediately my father replied with; that's because he owns a RSL. Then my father continued on about why he was in hospital and how he is a single parent with two sons and a daughter, 28, 25,and 11 respectively, their names (which i forget), and their occupations.


I woke up this morning to my brother asking for permission to play with my DS and the sound of explosions from the movie my other brother was watching. Keep in mind this was just before 9am and i had gone to bed at only 2am a few hours ago! I needed my beauty sleep. Instead of actually retuning to my slumber i decided to wake up and insult the movie watching brother. After i had sufficiently bullied him I realized that there was a guest in the lounge and therefore i had to covertly commando crawl across the walk way to avoid being spotted underwear cladden.
I have included images for ease of understanding.

After my episode of pretending to be a badass-underwear-wearing-super-commando-spy i got dressed and went out to visit M. (Haha i like how shes called M, just like Bond's handler!) I met up with her at plaza and we talked and chilled (I got to see R work at cha time teabar too!). Then we talked to an elderly woman who wanted to know the time and we realized it was time for me to leave. M kindly walked me home and then hopefully she went to her yum(my)cha lunch.

And this is where we leave our hero, stuck in this trans-dimension of CUSTOMER SERVICE! *DUM DUM DUUUUUUUM* Until next time!


Haha camwhore session after i got dressed this morning!
Was feeling pretty so i decided to see how pretty i really was. Haha I sound like i'm so fond of myself. Well i guess once a narcissus always a narcissus.

I had a wonderful day today, first day I've spent at home in a long time. I woke up fairly late in the day, around 11am and decided that I'd air my room and clean the floors. Then i reorganized the furniture and moved some items around the room. I would really like to make the room more awesome in a sense but i don't know what to do (i'll post a photo tomorrow). I went down stairs and my brother was playing Mario on the Wii and i decided to play with him, then we made lunch and ate that. After lunch all three of us were in the "entertaining" room. I played a couple of games of chess against Jack, he's a whizz at Chinese chess but I'm better at western chess but he's improving and i'm pretty proud of him. David was playing piano and some of the random pieces he has been mucking around with are pretty cool, he played some of the Zelda themes and they were really good. I kicked him off and played some random things, i really miss being able to play good music. Hopefully I'll spend some time these holidays remembering how to move my fingers on the ivory keys.
I went upstairs and found my brother playing pokemon on my ds, i let him be and just chilled with some music.

My Grandfather was discharged from the hospital today. I went and saw him yesterday. My grandparents went over to his house to see him today. I made some potato cakes for dinner tonight they tasted great but the mixture was too soft so they didn't exactly "cake" it was more of a glorified mash, my brothers enjoyed it so it was good :P I hope my grandfather recovers without any hassles. He keeps a beautiful garden of fruit trees and flower. My favorite is the Lychee tree hehe, he's also managed to grow about 20 huge and beautiful rose bushes around the house. During the summer they are so beautiful, hundreds of flowers and all different colors.

I always carry my sketchbook with me and its been a long time since I've last drawn, when i went to visit my grandfather i was there for a couple of hours. Whilst we were watching the news he wanted me to help him translate a part so i bought out my sketchbook so that i could make notes of what was being said. After the news i decided to sketch him. At first I didn't want to, because it was such a painful time in his life and i would have wanted to forget it, but then i felt that it doesn't matter how painful it is its still a part of his life and i was sure he would write about it in his memoirs...

Suffering, if confronted without fear, is the greatest passport to freedom

Tuesday, June 22, 2010



Lazy.... Tuesday!
Still in bed, haha believe it or not this is the latest I've been in bed all year. I am i big BIG fan of sleep, it would have to in my top 3 things to do, (along with eating and daydreaming =3 ) but i never sleep in, more often then not I'll be in bad and asleep before the movie on tv even starts. There's just so much about sleep that i love!
I love when its cold. and then you slide in under your blankets and you can slowly feel it warming up,(sometime i even pull my blankets up over my head and breath harder in an attempt to warm it up with my breath)
I love the feeling of my cotton blanket on my skin, its just so awesome!
I love finding that cold patch on the bed/blanket/pillow and that feeling of shock of touching the cold. (For some reason i just love the hot cold contrast, sometimes in the shower i turn the hot water off so i'm freezing then i max the hot and it feels like a wave of comfort and satisfaction pours over me.)
I love bunching my blankets into a worm like item and hugging it ever so tightly!
I love hugging my pillow too!
I love just lying there looking at the roof.

on a side note, i think I'm going to incorporate some more photos/videos into this blog =]


i wanted to write a blog about my grandfather today...
instead i just bathed in his glory and cried...

all i want to say is that i love him, and strive to be half the man he ever was.


Dreams; are they ever meant to be reached? or are they also just that one step in front making sure we steer our lives in the right direction. I read a book once that suggested that the world always conspired in helping you reach your dreams, but once you stopped listening to your heart you lose the ability to listen to the world and you lose that dream you once had. I don't even know why i'm going with this. I guess i just want to say that i really want to do what I want to do. I want to study something that I'm interested and have a job where i wake up every morning eager to go to work. I want to have friends that i never get sick of and a beautiful souled partner that i never stop missing. I want to live the life that i was meant to love and enjoy, and i don't want anything standing in my way. How do i achieve this thou?


...i think i like you.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


I had a good time tonight, met up with some friends and made some new ones. Fabricated some trouble and made some purchases. I bought a nice pair of sheep skin gloves today, also bought myself this beautiful pocket watch.

wish me luck for my physics exam tomorrow.

Friday, June 18, 2010


"Walk Away"

I'm gonna remember you
You're gonna remember me
I'm gonna remember you
You're gonna remember me

You gonna remember me boo
I'm gonna remember you too
I can't forget all the crazy shhh.. we used to do
You was doing too much
I wasn't doing enough
That's what your friends are saying
You got a man anyway
I can't explain it neither
I ain't never wanna leave ya
Hell ya its hard to walk away when I see ya
When I see ya I remember the day
You put your shoes on and moved on
Before I could say

I saw you with your new girl just yesterday
And I feel that I must confess
Even though it kills me to have to say
I'll admit that I was impressed
Physically just short of perfection
Gotta commend you on your selection
Though I know I shouldn't be concerned
In the back of my mind
I can't help but question
Does she rub your feet
When you've had a long day
Scratch your scalp
When you take out your braids
Does she know that you like too
Play PS2 till 6 in the morning
Like I do

I can't explain this feeling
I think about it everyday
And even though we've moved on
It gets so hard to walk away
(I'm gonna remember you
You're gonna remember me)
Walk Away, Walk Away
(I'm gonna remember you
You're gonna remember me)

I can't forget how we used to be
Our life from day to day
Hoping maybe you'll come back
And though I tell myself not to be afraid
To move on but it seems I can't
Though a new man has given me attention
It ain't the same as your affection
Though I know I should be content
In the back of my mind
I can't help but question
Does he kiss me on the forehead
Before we play
Show up on my doorstep
(with a bouquet)
Does he call me in the middle of the day
Just to say hey baby I love you
Like you used to

I can't explain this feeling
I think about it everyday
And even though we've moved on
It gets so hard to walk away
(I'm gonna remember you
You're gonna remember me)
Walk Away, Walk Away
(I'm gonna remember you
You're gonna remember me)

I'm Gonna Remember You
Your Gonna Remember Me
The things we did
The way we shared our fantasies
Just you and me
My friend, my love, my family
How did we loose a love that seemed meant to be
Sometimes I kiss her and wish that it was you I'm kissing
Sometimes I miss him and wish that it was you I'm missing
Sometimes I hug her and wish that it was you I was hugging
And I realize how much I'm bugging
I miss you

Walk Away, Walk Away

(I'm Gonna Remember You
Your Gonna Remember Me)

So hard to express this feeling
Cause nobody compares to you
And you know she'll never love you like I do

I can't explain this feeling
I think about it everyday
And even though we've moved on
It gets so hard to walk away

(I'm gonna remember you
You're gonna remember me)

Walk Away, Walk Away

Remember You

(I'm gonna remember you
You're gonna remember me)

(I'm gonna remember you
You're gonna remember me)


You can't look for love, love finds you. Love sounds like such a gangster.
Oh cupid i hope you fly my way soon.
You know all those movies and stories where there is the mediocre nice guy that the girl always just treats as a friend? that guy who is always there for her but never gets the recognition he deserves? I wish i could be that guy so i can finally find my love. I have always tried to live a life as a good person, someone who cares about the others in his life but does it from the kindness of his heart. I love making my friends smile and seeing them happy. I love my friends so much, they make my day so much brighter and make me forget all the hardships in my life. As much as i enjoy spending that time with them, i wish i had a little bit more love. I wish i had a partner. That someone that just makes your day infinity better.
Her smile make my heart jump for joy, her touch makes me want to just scream, and her hugs that make me melt like butter.
That someone that makes you lost for words...
Just thinking of having someone makes me so happy, but then coming back to reality and realizing that i don't... just makes me want to cry.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Got some new jeans today, one pair i bought myself the other pair bought for me by a really close friend (thank you so much, i owe you). So now I've got some new shoes, and some new pants, now i need some new shirts so hopefully this works out. My shoes and pants are both in black but that's okay because a) I'm fat and black hides all the shadows, and b) I'm just going to slowly work my was into this. I'm really hoping to shed some more kilo's too, especially tone my lower body a bit so my arse and thighs arn't so big.

This morning i woke up and just started playing piano, the feeling of the cold keys under my fingers was a inviting sensation. Its been a while since I've touched my piano and I was glad that it was still there. The sounds of each key and the rough sharp music it creates under my control was both pleasant and uneasy. I ended up playing for almost 3hours before i realized that i was 1 hour late for my meet up.
Now i crave it with such a passion, a good one this time =]

Monday, June 14, 2010


Has finally decided to get over my fear of piano and get back into it.

2 sessions of music i actually want to learn and play.

I'm actually excited about this.

First two songs i am going to learn.

- Wedding Dress
- forever and always

maybe I'll even do a recording =] maybe....

Sunday, June 13, 2010


This loneliness is slowly killing me inside.

Jon's Theory of loneliness.
When your with someone, you somehow create this mental tumor that is the congregation of your thoughts of happiness, love and care. Slowly as your emotions grow so does this tumor's metal mass.
But once your lose this someone and this love disappear there is nothing left to nurture it and it slowly shrinks and deteriorates. As it slowly dies it sends out electrical impulses and chemicals that make you crave love, happiness and care. It makes you feel the way you do when you lose that someone loved, even if you were the one who pushed them away you still get these feelings. Slowly as time passes the tumor get smaller and smaller and the cravings less and less, and finally whens its gone, that's when your once again a single unstoppable flirting machine.
This tumor thou, like a drug, has a buffer for each time you fall in love and out. Every time it gets harder and harder. Harder to find love, and harder to recover from lost love.
This tumor of the soul, i call Healonest. (Heart + loneliness)


SergioThree: there's other fish in the sea, man, she's just a girl
Beatsfromkorea: no dude, that's bullshit.
Beatsfromkorea: Think of it this way. if your precious copy of street fighter third strike broke and i told you "it's ok man, there's other games in the sea. here, play mortal kombat instead" what would you say? you'd be like, "fuck that, gimme third strike."
SergioThree: ...
SergioThree: you just reached me on a level that i never thought possible


Christian songs are just pop songs with the word Baby replaced with Jesus.

it all makes sense

JESUS - Jon Lieber

Ohh wooaah (3x)
You know you love me,I know you care
Just shout whenever, And I'll be there
You want my love, You want my heart
And we will never ever ever be apart

Are we an item? Girl quit playing
Were just friends, What are you saying
Said theres another, Look right in my eyes

My first love broke my heart for the first time,
And I was like
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus ohhh
Like Jesus, Jesus, Jesus noo
Like Jesus, Jesus, Jesus ohh
I thought youd always be mine mine

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus ohh
Like Jesus, Jesus, Jesus noo
Like Jesus, Jesus, Jesus ohh
I thought youd always be mine,mine (oh oh)

For you, I would have done whatever
And I just can't believe, we ain't together
And I wanna play it cool, But I'm losin' you
I'll buy you anything, I'll buy you any ring
And im in pieces, Jesus fix me
And just shake me til' you wake me from this bad dream

Im going down, down, down, dooown
And I just cant believe my first love would be around.

And I'm like
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus ohh
Like Jesus, Jesus, Jesus noo
Like Jesus, Jesus, Jesus ohh
I thought youd always be mine, mine

Baby, Jesus, Jesus ohh
Like Jesus, Jesus, Jesus noo
Like Jesus, Jesus, Jesus ohhh
I thought youd always be mine, mine

When I was 13, I had my first love,
There was nobody that compared to my Jesus,
And nobody came between us or could ever come above
She had me goin' crazy,
Oh I was starstruck,
She woke me up daily,
Don't need no Starbucks.
She made my heart pound,
And skip a beat when I see her in the street and,
At school on the playground,
But I really wanna see her on the weekend,
She know she got me gazin',
Cuz she was so amazin',
And now my heart is breakin',
But I just keep on sayin'...

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus ohh
Like Jesus, Jesus, Jesus noo
Like Jesus, Jesus, Jesus ohh
I thought youd always be mine, mine

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus ohh
Like Jesus, Jesus, Jesus noo
Like Jesus, Jesus, Jesus ohh
I thought youd always be mine, mine

(I'm gone)
Yeah, yeah, yeah (6x)
(Now Im all gone, now im all gone, now im all gone)
Gone, gone, gone,(gone)
I'm gone.


You know how there is this line.

"If a guy sleeps with a lot of girls his a champ, if a girl sleeps with a lot of guys shes a slut"

Its comparing two different things so it makes no sense. He's how the real comparison works:
-If i guy sleeps with a lot of girls he's a champ, if a girl sleeps with a lot of girls shes fuckking hot!
-If a girl sleeps around with a lot of guys shes a slut, if a guy sleeps with a lot of guys hes a fucking faggot.

Sexism is a lie.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


If you had the power:
to facilitate a moment so perfect,
to create something so wonderful,
to compose something so beautiful,
to write something so powerfull,
would you do it?

To facilitate a moment in life were it feels like a dream, the smells, the colors, the people, the emotions. One where nothing else in the world matters, and you wish time would stop so that this moment could last forever.

To create a monument that engulfs your imagination and hypnotizes your mind. Something so great that every entity that passes, stops and pauses to admire its magnificence. Something that you wish every morning you woke up, you could see.

To compose a masterpiece so magical it whisper in your ears and caresses your soul.
Rejuvenates your body and tickles your senses.

To write a passage that stirs the soul and empowers the mind, strengthens the will and reinforces the body. Something to ponder over and over, yet never tire of.

Happiness, Joy, Wonder, Content, Love, Perfection, Grace, Power, Serenity, Pride, Beauty.

...but if you had to sacrifice your own

...... would you do it?


I'm tired of pretending to be something I'm not,
I'm tired of trying so hard and getting no where.
I'm tired of studying things i don't care about
I'm tired of being cold in the winter.
I'm tired of being afraid.
I'm tired because I've been out all day.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Today turned out to a a fine day.
I woke up late and put on a very mediocre outfit. My wardrobe bores me now, and i really hope to get some new items soon. I rushed out of the house at 10am to catch the next bus into the city, i arrived 20minuets later and found her =]. We were studying at the state library today and by the time i had arrived, all the space on the table had been occupied by the others that weren't late. Instead i decided to study in the hallway again. The booth there has now become my favorite =]
(forgot i was writing an i'll just trim the fat)
went to get my e-services card
bumped into R
Went back up to join S
Did some study
Arranged lunch with J
S(2) joined me and S, we went to get R, met C. We all went into the city to meet with J and C(2)
Met up with J and C(2),
R and C went off to get lunch, we parted ways
Had lunch, bought a curry from bento, and IT ACTUALLY HAS POTATO AND CARROT BITS!~
S(2) went back to study.
J went to study
C(2) went home
J(2) came in
S, J(2) and I went shopping
S, J(2) went home.
W came in,

watched prince of Persia
not as bad as expected, it had a consistency to it, (in terms of action to dialog ratio).

Thing seen today.
Skin head x2 (different ones, different occasions)
Old white guy with young mildly attractive asian girl x2 (different ones)
Guy in a nice suit, wearing thongs.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Facebook, a social networking site launched in 2004, has grown exponentially over the past years. Rated the number 1 used social networking site it has become the corner stone of almost every internet savvy individual.

Every time i open my laptop i must jump on Facebook and check if I've gotten any new notifications, new friend request, event invitations or check if there are any upcoming birthdays that I've missed. It feels like your personal assistant, capable of doing almost anything! But i think I've discovered a new side of Facebook.


First encounter:
You look around other peoples pages, looking at their display pictures and checking them out, and then when you see something you like, you press the *add friend* button and then hope for the best. Either they turn you down and press ignore, or they like what they see and press the accept button.
You're walking around, checking it out, acting cool and and then you see someone that you'd like to talk to and you approach using your opening line, hoping for the best. Yet again, two results, either you rejected, or you're in!

The small talk:
You say hi, ask them how they are, what they like, what are the doing, just the general chit chat.
you've introduced yourself and start talking to them, are they having a good night? blah blah blah

essentially what I'm trying to say is that Facebook is the social event of the internet. You meet people and make small talk through the wall comments, the friendship grows to the point where in most cases msn addresses are exchanged and conversations become more private and frequent.

Whilst writing this (and giving up and then finishing it), another thought strolled into my head. The forms of communications that these electronic devices provide us cause us to hid ourselves behind so many layers of protection. For ease of understanding I've drawn up a flow chart:


Stranger: hey
You: hi i'm a guy
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

yeah i thought so bitch

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


1. They are at least six—

Sight, which embraces space, and tells us by means of light, of the existence and of the colors of the bodies around us.

Hearing, which, by the motion of the air, informs us of the motion of sounding or vibrating bodies.

Scent, by means of which we are made aware of the odors bodies possess.

Taste, which enables us to distinguish all that has a flavor from that which is insipid.

Touch informs us of the consistency and resistance of bodies.

The last is genesiac or physical love, which attracts the sexes to each other, and the object of which is the reproduction of the species.

It is astonishing that, almost to the days of Buffon, so important a sense was misunderstood, and was confounded with the touch.


When I write of ME in the singular, I gossip with my reader, he may examine, discuss, doubt or laugh; but when I say WE I am a professor, and all must bow to me.

“I am, Sir Oracle,
And when I ope my lips, let no dog bark.”
—Merchant of Venice.


Change of plans, i want hair like Jarred Leto.

Monday, June 7, 2010


Walking through the cold crisp air,

opening the heavy metal gates,
closing the heavy metal gates,

opening the side gate,
gently closing the side gate,

looking for my keys in the dark,
finally finding my keys,

opening the laundry door,
closing the laundry door,

mashing my hand against the wall looking for the light switch,
switching on the light,

walking down the hallway and switching on the light,
walking back the laundry to lock the door
and turn of the light.

Now finally I'm in the living room, with my warm laptop, glass of cold water, and laptop charger, ready to waste some hours =]


Not many of the things i was looking forward to doing today happened, i woke up at around 10, and was determined to do my hair, it sucked, i straightened some of the front and top, and then combed and sprayed one side so that it stayed again my head, it wasn't exactly what i wanted, but i gave up. Got dressed up and jump online to see if anyone was on, say and friend and talked to her, not expecting her to respond with
"i broke up with my bf =["
so instead of keeping to my original plan, i decided to go over and see if she was okay.I called KD and got with him to come with, and we kind of bummed the hours away. Slightly tired and bored, and with a internet connection we decided to jump on Omegle Video =]
We had some fun, and i wish we had recorded some of the things that we did.
First, K and I managed to contort our bodies so it looked like a fine girl's body with my head, and then we started flirting with guys and slowly lifting "my skirt" it was interesting watching the other person's reactions of, OMG what an ugly girl, and then, OMG such a sexy body :D maybe i should have been wearing a paper bag.
Then after looking at a couple of masturbating guys we met a topless girl that started hitting on K. A couple of more penis's later we met a guy who was dancing, telling us to join him, we did and got our groove on, wished i have videoed that so bad!


I took the bus home today, i really enjoy riding the bus late at night, not many people, dark skies, cold air, and the buzz of the struggling motor. I didn't have my music or any books to read tonight, so instead i just lent my head back and relaxed. The first thing to enter my mind was love again, right now, i feel like I'm just looking at all the single ladies in my life and finding the ones that are the most convenient to me, you know, ones that live close, look alright, and i would enjoy spending time with, although all these qualities are fine, i realized that i didn't feel any love towards them and it was as if i was just using them. The girl that i actually had feelings towards was distant, busy and we barely had the time to see each other once a month, yet i still wanted to be with her so badly. Right now, i don't know if i should just find someone be with, or be with someone i love. I know it sound like a stupid question, but to me, its the hardest question I've had to answer in a long time..
Companionship? or Love?


Finally in bed, lying here listening to music and about to drift of to sleep.
recapping on the day. Made two new friends, one from the USA and another from HK, managed to make quite a few posts today. Worked 6hours and now I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

Having lunch with KD in a few hours then going to see how lucky we are today. Hopefully some of the girls with come in today, i do love them very much. W will be heading in after work and L should finish her test at about the same time, A will be around in the afternoon. It sounds like this Monday shall be a good day. Maybe i'll get to make a couple of videos too! can't wait! Hopefully i can get some style into my hair tomorrow too.

Closing my eyes and feeling so happy and warm.
Goodnight, sweet dreams.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Adventure 1

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: Hi, I'm Jon, 19, male, Australia
Stranger: I'm taking you on an adventure
You: yea?
Stranger: Imagine yourself
You: should i get my wizard hat ready?
Stranger: You're on a safari in the Sahel.
You: uh hu
Stranger: All of the sudden, a lion decides to car jack you.
Stranger: Threatening you with an AK-47
You: and then?
Stranger: You (A. Flail around like a retard, causing imminent death or B. Continue silence as you await your lion fate)
You: can we talk it out?
Stranger: Not yet.
You: what ifthere is cat nip in the trunk?
Stranger: No varibles yet.
Stranger: Pick one.
You: b cause i'm sane
Stranger: As the lion munches on the driver he killed earlier, you realize you have a survival pack, you (A. look for something to help you, or B. Throw it at the Lion)
You: how much of the driver is left? was he yummy?
Stranger: Lion: Om nom nom nom.
Stranger: Now pick your fate.
You: then b
Stranger: The lion is incapacitated by the blow, the car spins out, flipping on its side.
Stranger: You notice the car rolling dangerously close to a pit of Quick sand.
You: jump!
You: (can i have your email? i like talking to you =])
Stranger: You decide to (A. Try to wake up the lion and Save you, or B. Make a scene attempting to gather around other animals to save you)
You: b!
Stranger: As you yelp and scream, a Rhino comes from the dust, colliding with your vehicle.
Stranger: Your car moves at high speeds, rolling once more.
Stranger: At this point, the lion is now awake.
Stranger: Roaring and shooting his AK-47 in anger.
You: =[
You: tell me the truth doctor, will i survive?
Stranger: While the car is rolling you (A. Jump out of the Open window, or B. Take the pistol from the floor compartment)
You: A
Stranger: As you jump out of the window, you attempt to roll, but a Zebra stempede is coming your way.
Stranger: You have only a cantine with water, a rope, and .44 Ammo.
Stranger: 6 bullets.
Stranger: You (A. Attempt to get up and run out of the way of the Zebras, or B. Stay and hope they don't hit you)
You: B
You: (tell me your names please?)
Stranger: As you cower in fear for you life.
Stranger: Zebras run past you, leaving you without a scratch
Stranger: A distant shot is heard.
Stranger: Followed by many more
You: is it the lion?
Stranger: Many Zebra begin falling.
Stranger: You (A. Stand up to get the Hunter's Attention, or B. Continue Cowering)
You: A
You: that bastard
Stranger: As you stand, up, many bullets come whizzing by you from a different Direction.
Stranger: As you look to find your attempted murder, you notice a familiar shape.
You: does it have a mane?
Stranger: The lion is back and reloading his AK-47.
You: and golden blonde hair?
You: Its Alex isn't it?
Stranger: You (A. Charge the Lion head on, or B. Throw your bullets at the Lion)
You: can i lasso a passing zebra and swing onto its back riding away from the gunfire?
Stranger: No.
You: then A
Stranger: The lion domes you in the head.
Your conversational partner has disconnected.


I've really wanted to start styling my hair again but at the moment my hair is too thick and just not long enough. My facial structure and my weary features don't help much either. Looking through the all the photos and different styles i found some that I'd like to try. I liked this one alot.

But unfortunately I don't have the length or the cute face. So I guess I'll have to see what I can do.

I thinned my hair this morning and then i had a shower where i reluctantly used the conditioner, (not because I'm a dirt-child but because every time i condition my hair becomes soft silky and undesirably fluffy). Stepping out of the shower, drying myself and my hair, I already knew that it wasn't going to do anything i wanted it too. It was too soft and my natural curls were annoying me. To lazy to use a straightener and not wanting the gunk of product in my hair i decided to blow dry it instead. Whilst blow drying and combing, trying to get it into a shape vaguely ideal i gave up and just made my hair a giant growth of fluff attached to my head. Pleasant to touch but no so nice one the eyes, this was the beginning of my new hair

Trying again

Everyday, without fail, i turn on my laptop and start to waste away my time.
Everyday, i check all the blogs that i have bookmarked hoping for new material to read.
Everyday, i wish i had the motivation to have been able to maintain my own blog.

Today, i shall try again...

Hopefully this time, the life i breath back into this blog will cause it survive for at least longer than a week. My writing skills aren't as good as most blogger out there but i still want to give it a go. My ability to present my thoughts in written word are quite poor and my train of thought often repetitive and pointless.

Hopefully i shall blog everyday. Maybe not long and insightful, but short and consistent