Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Got some new jeans today, one pair i bought myself the other pair bought for me by a really close friend (thank you so much, i owe you). So now I've got some new shoes, and some new pants, now i need some new shirts so hopefully this works out. My shoes and pants are both in black but that's okay because a) I'm fat and black hides all the shadows, and b) I'm just going to slowly work my was into this. I'm really hoping to shed some more kilo's too, especially tone my lower body a bit so my arse and thighs arn't so big.

This morning i woke up and just started playing piano, the feeling of the cold keys under my fingers was a inviting sensation. Its been a while since I've touched my piano and I was glad that it was still there. The sounds of each key and the rough sharp music it creates under my control was both pleasant and uneasy. I ended up playing for almost 3hours before i realized that i was 1 hour late for my meet up.
Now i crave it with such a passion, a good one this time =]

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