Monday, October 25, 2010


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Love you all~

Sunday, October 24, 2010


I want to say:

I Love You,

as i hold her in my arms.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


It has been too long, dearest blog. I'm sure you stalkers of my life think so too.

Life has been good, chilling, relaxing, suppose to be studying but not touching a single book.
Went to the movies last night with D,J,KD and S. We had free tickets to a pre-screening of an Australian movie called The Loved Ones. Good movie in my opinion and i recommend it, a good move in the right direction for Australian cinematography.

I want to do something with my hair, because i'm planning on shaving it all with a 3/4 blade at the beginning of next year so I'll play around with it now and then lose everything for a fresh start.

Man, I've been sitting her since like 3:30pm drinking a constant supply of coffee. Not feeling to well. All this milk and caffeine is bad for the gut.
Did you know that both Coffee and Gum are diuretics?

Enough for now.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


everyday people suffer.
they cry at night,
and lie the days away.

They hurt more than you could imagine,
but they never tell you.
they hide away all the darkness, the sadness and the regets.
everybody has felt like they're alone,
everyone has cried their eyes out.

Noone knows,
no one wants to know...

Friday, October 8, 2010


Finally the long awaited has arrived, now all I wish for is the thunder, the lightning, and the company to make this a beautiful storm.

Rain, there is nothing I love more than the combination of a raise in humidity and a drop in atmospheric pressure. Condensation.
The virga plants the necessary seeds into the air, saturating it and preparing it for one of the most magnificent feats of weather.

I think rain is fantastic because:
its wet
its powerful
it falls
its cool
its smell
its feel
its before
its during
its after
its everything.

Just before the rain comes, you can feel it. The hairs on your skin tingle, your nose picks up the scent. The air become crisp, and the temperature drops.
Then it falls.

The melt
The sounds of the rain hitting the ground, the bricks, the tiles, the leaves and the windows.
The feel of the rain as it strikes your skin, and runs away from the sky.
The gentle, soothing hum of the pattering of watery feet.
The cool and caressing breeze.
The smell of fresh, cool, crisp, moister. (and the lack of dust)
The flash of light and the clap of thunder.
The tingle of being alive.
Close your eyes, and feel it, live it.
All these feeling during a storm make it so amazing but it doesn't finish there.

The rain moves on, the clouds are no longer in the sky but lie exhausted on the ground. All around you the moisture, it renews things and makes then shiny again. The last few drops fall, not from the sky, but from the trees and the leaves.
Its cool now.
Everything can start again.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


  C says:
*ah yes.. i remember my first time

Jon says:

*so tell me about it
  C says:
*at first it was really painful
*i had to take it out really quickly becos it hurt alot >:
Jon says:
  C says:
*but i put it back in later 
*and i got used to it

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Such a powerful emotion. Sometimes people get angry for the smallest reasons, reasons that at any other time would have been just a little rock, not a mountain.
A personal mentor of mine once said that there is a difference between anger and hate.
Hate is when you dilike one thing or person.
Anger is when you dislike the world.
When you are angry, nothing in the world matters anything. You are blinded by your own emotions so much that the filter on your brain no longer works. Words come out of your mouth, actions flow through your body. You can feel it coming, but its so strong. Maybe you can stop it, but once it starts it just flows out of you,unrestricted and unmonitored.
Then it stops, everything is done, you look at your work. Your panting. Your heart rate slowly drops. First a chill runs down your spine as you admire at what you've single handily managed to do. Then you look at yourself in disbelief...
By then its far too late, and you must live with what has just occurred.
Then tears. You cry and cry, you question your own confusion.
And then you crash.

Saturday, October 2, 2010



Anger. Hate. Discontent. Frustration.
I've been feelings these a lot lately. Most of the time not because of things that happen to me, but those that happen to those that are close around me.

This past week has been full of ups and downs.
I've celebrated with friends.
Spent almost every night with brothers.
Cried my heart out.
Learned some new tricks and rediscovering some old.
Missed people.
Said No.
Said Yes.
Slept in till noon.
Stayed up till dawn.
And eaten so much.

These last few days I've just eaten and eaten.
I had 1kg of Honey Soy Chicken Nibbles.
1 slice of chocolate cake microwaved for 10seconds with two scoops of ice cream and a glass of cold milk.
Far too much Korean BBQ