Thursday, October 21, 2010


It has been too long, dearest blog. I'm sure you stalkers of my life think so too.

Life has been good, chilling, relaxing, suppose to be studying but not touching a single book.
Went to the movies last night with D,J,KD and S. We had free tickets to a pre-screening of an Australian movie called The Loved Ones. Good movie in my opinion and i recommend it, a good move in the right direction for Australian cinematography.

I want to do something with my hair, because i'm planning on shaving it all with a 3/4 blade at the beginning of next year so I'll play around with it now and then lose everything for a fresh start.

Man, I've been sitting her since like 3:30pm drinking a constant supply of coffee. Not feeling to well. All this milk and caffeine is bad for the gut.
Did you know that both Coffee and Gum are diuretics?

Enough for now.

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