Sunday, October 3, 2010


Such a powerful emotion. Sometimes people get angry for the smallest reasons, reasons that at any other time would have been just a little rock, not a mountain.
A personal mentor of mine once said that there is a difference between anger and hate.
Hate is when you dilike one thing or person.
Anger is when you dislike the world.
When you are angry, nothing in the world matters anything. You are blinded by your own emotions so much that the filter on your brain no longer works. Words come out of your mouth, actions flow through your body. You can feel it coming, but its so strong. Maybe you can stop it, but once it starts it just flows out of you,unrestricted and unmonitored.
Then it stops, everything is done, you look at your work. Your panting. Your heart rate slowly drops. First a chill runs down your spine as you admire at what you've single handily managed to do. Then you look at yourself in disbelief...
By then its far too late, and you must live with what has just occurred.
Then tears. You cry and cry, you question your own confusion.
And then you crash.

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