Tuesday, June 22, 2010



Lazy.... Tuesday!
Still in bed, haha believe it or not this is the latest I've been in bed all year. I am i big BIG fan of sleep, it would have to in my top 3 things to do, (along with eating and daydreaming =3 ) but i never sleep in, more often then not I'll be in bad and asleep before the movie on tv even starts. There's just so much about sleep that i love!
I love when its cold. and then you slide in under your blankets and you can slowly feel it warming up,(sometime i even pull my blankets up over my head and breath harder in an attempt to warm it up with my breath)
I love the feeling of my cotton blanket on my skin, its just so awesome!
I love finding that cold patch on the bed/blanket/pillow and that feeling of shock of touching the cold. (For some reason i just love the hot cold contrast, sometimes in the shower i turn the hot water off so i'm freezing then i max the hot and it feels like a wave of comfort and satisfaction pours over me.)
I love bunching my blankets into a worm like item and hugging it ever so tightly!
I love hugging my pillow too!
I love just lying there looking at the roof.

on a side note, i think I'm going to incorporate some more photos/videos into this blog =]

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