Friday, July 2, 2010


I often ponder to myself if the concepts of fate and destiny are real or just another fictional abyss created by the words of man. With fate and destiny there must be faith, with religion there must be faith, with out a higher power how can our fate or destiny be set? Are we really just marionettes that play roles in a story to entertain the god? Is it possible that we are mere actors just following the orders of the director? I am i about to break the fourth rule by asking the screen write to make my future better!

Our lives are full of such happiness and sadness. Our days can begin so beautiful and serene and end with tears, pain and hate. If our lives were already pre-scripted then why is there so much to it? why can't our lives just be linear, dull, simple, and make sense. Instead we are given a roller coaster to ride and half the time we don't even understand why certain things happen.

Our minds they often wonder away, atleast mine does. Pondering ever thing, critiquing every move, and asking myself; what if i had done it differently?
Can we change the future?

I believe that our lives are scripted to a certain point. I like to think of life as a road trip, there are points along the way that we have to get to but how we get their is completely dependent on ourselves. I my mind, the beginning is birth and the end is either the point where you reach immortality, or death. In between point A and point B, there are hundreds and thousands of little things we can see do along the way, and its number of things that we tick off that determines how well of a life you lived. Things like
making friends,
and getting hugs,
finding your first love,
and breaking your heart,
buying your own car,
getting married,
going to a funeral,
These are just some of the things that you'd do in your life, but when, how, or even if, are all up to yourself.
we can pray, and hope and wish, but we cannot change the destination of our fate. We can alter the route, or the speed, but the outcome will always be the same.
Live it full and live it fun! Stop thinking too much and just go with the flow, things all inevitably happen. Thinking too much just makes it seem a lot more scary than it really is.

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  1. You are wise beyond your years, young man.