Saturday, July 3, 2010


Why do the shells of the peanut m&m's taste different?
Maybe its the size, maybe its the texture, maybe it has something to do with the peanut, but no matter the reason, its still a pleasant surprise.
Imagine if life was like a box of chocolates. Oh wait, Someone already did that...
It makes more sense then you think thou doesn't it?
Life is mysterious and reasonless, things happen that you can't control. Sometimes its something bad other time something wonderful. Although this happens in life, it doesn't happen in chocolates.
A box of chocolates;
maybe roses,
maybe seashells,
maybe a bag of mix-up m&m's
they contain an array of different chocolates, but they are still the same. They are all chocolates, and I like chocolates. No matter how many boxes I go through I'll always get a chocolate. If a box of chocolates could really be comparable to life then sometimes you'd unwrap your box, open it, and it would be either empty, or full of jelly beans or something else.
I guess ultimately the thing I'm trying to say is that life isn't like a box of chocolates, but life should be like a box of chocolates. No matter what you get, its still more enjoyable than nothing at all.

My heart might not be perfect, but its still filled with chocolaty love

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