Wednesday, July 7, 2010


[ More Than Invisible - Jason Derulo ]

So many times in the past I have met all these wonderful, smart, beautiful, simply delightful and great girls but they never seem to notice me. I meet them and I get to know them, i try to be sweet and kind and caring. I try to be someone special but they never seem to notice, they just see me as another one of their friends which is quite understandable. These girls are so attractive that its only natural that half the boys in the neighborhood are chasing after them and treating them like princesses but something that annoys me so much is why so many times they go for the self absorbed arseholes instead of the sweet hearts?
There are so many girls i know that are wonderful and so special. (I often look at them and just smile.) Yet these girls always seem to end up with these boys that don't understand what they have. They treat them like dirt and as accessories. Use them, have their fun and then just throw them away and break their hearts. They don't deserve to be treated like that, no girl should. Ever.

What is it that makes men act like total jerks?

Girls should always be treated with love and kindness. Treated with respect and cared for. What happened to the codes chivalry and courtly love? What happened to being a gentleman?

I'm sorry. This post has died and makes no real sense. Maybe just ask me about it sometime because my expressive writing is horrible and currently I am quite tired. Good night.


  1. It's a never ending cycle.

    Asshole gets with nice girl -> girl turns into bitch -> bitch gets with nice guy -> nice guy turns into Asshole.

    Rinse and repeat. Try to break the cycle and keep being a nice guy.

  2. Yeah, what Tom said. Unfortunately what others perceive to be 'nice' or 'asshole' tend to be 2 different things completely.