Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Many of us live a life that is fast paced and rigidly structured on the face of a clock. We have timetables to follow and order to maintain, a class we must attend and a bus that we cannot miss.
Many of our minds are filled with the idea that life is short and the time is of the essence.

Sometime I believe we need to take a step back from reality and just watch as the world flutters by. A moment to be silent and take a moment to open our ears and eyes and just look at the world. Look at the beauty and magnificence around us. Look at the people and what they are doing. Take a moment to see the things that we normally miss and appreciate them.

Everyday a thousand things happen within metres of ourselves.
Everyday the glow of a comely canvas passes through our vision.
everyday the buzz of a melodic masterpiece drifts past our ears.
Everyday we forget to stop and miss them.

When we are all so busy living our lives, please don't forget to just pause and look in awe at what you have accomplished and what the world has provided

"Ah! I have talked quite enough for to-day," Said Lord Henry, smiling. "All I want now is to look at life. You may come and look at it with me, if you care to."

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