Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dreams #1

Have you ever dreamed of the perfect girl, a girl who is instantly burnt into your mind?

Lying in bed I just closed my eyes and dreamed, dreamed of meeting the most beautiful girl ever. Now when I talk about beauty I don't mean just skin deep I am talking about the whole package. Features soft and elegant, a personality that's bubbly and friendly, yet with a little bit of ego.

Her Face.
The most beautiful eyes in the world, eyes that are sharp enough to pierce your reinforced defenses, yet warm enough to cut through your icy heart. Eyes that are kind and caring, and the most beautiful and hypnotizing eye smile.
Eyes that had been shaped by the gods themselves, the curves of the eyeline, the size of the lids, the length of the lashes. The darkness of the iris and the intensity of the colors that keep it afloat.
The perfect eyebrows that frame the masterpiece; a stained glass window into the soul.
The lines from the brows extend down her bridge into her cute button nose, the light troft rolls and peaks at the top of her upper lip, posed and soft. Luscious and gentle. Her lips a half smile, a smirk of amusement,embarrassment and pure innocence.
Her skin, (untainted by the products that many cake,) glowing, smooth.
Light freckles sprinkled under her eyes and her cheeks a soft, pale pink. Subtleties that hold your gaze...

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