Monday, July 19, 2010


Today I had originally planed to meet up with someone and then go for walk, in my mind i had planed to meet up with them and then just walk, walk across the bridge, through southbank and maybe up to kangaroo point. I wanted to walk and just think and talk.

But this didn't happen.
Instead I lost my motivation and was distracted by other things. The other things i did i enjoyed too but it just the fact that i planed something, and the other party thought that we were going to do that, and then i lost myself and ruined it.

I often want to do things, and say things that are slightly more emotional or intelligent then my normal psycho blabber but i don't, its there on the tip of my tongue but I'm just to afraid to say it.
I've also noticed that I am such a boring person, and a horrible host. I am missing the people skills to communi but we didn't say much, we went to get dinner where i was the only one who ate and the conversation was silence.
I think I just don't know what to say, now to start a conversation that both the other and myself have knowledge about and can continue.

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