Saturday, July 10, 2010


I right now i feel like being the meanest person in the word, but i don't.
I have the abilities to destroy friends, lives, families and even worlds but I don't.
I hold within myself the knowledge and the strength to inflict great pain and cause much distress, but I don't.
I could share the secrets and desires of my friends, but I don't.
Yet every time someone entrusts me with their heart, I break it.

A physically unexplainable pain that exists inside our chest. A singularity inside of ourselves that expels immense amounts of undiagnosable pain and thousands of confused and intense emotions. This is heartbreak. I cause it.

Human beings are not always aware of what they are feeling. Like animals, they may not be able to put their feelings into words. This does not mean they have no feelings. Sigmund Freud once speculated that a man could be in love with a woman for six years and not know it until many years later. Such a man, with all the goodwill in the world, could not have verbalized what he did not know. He had the feelings, but he did not know about them. It may sound like a paradox — paradoxical because when we think of a feeling, we think of something that we are consciously aware of feeling. As Freud put it in his 1915 article The Unconscious: "It is surely of the essence of an emotion that we should be aware of it. Yet it is beyond question that we can 'have' feelings that we do not know about. - Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson

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