Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Contains Horror and Supernatural theme.
Some viewers might become distressed,
or violently ill whist viewing.
Must be 18year of age or older to view.
User discretion is advised.

Did some browsing and shopping today.
My first stop was supre. And found something awesome.
So when i went to the change rooms to try on this yellow tank top the woman was seriously like O.o
so yeah that was hilarious. Photos are at the bottom.

when i went bra shopping

As i walked into the shop I saw, whom I assumed to be, the shop assistant.
Her eyes were kind and youthful, her complection perfectly flawed with the effects of makeup. Her hair was straight and glimmering, it flowed down her face and become a dark frame that finished just above her shoulders.
She smiled at me and as our eyes locked I asked "Is there anything that would fit me?"
her lips were soft and moist, they had been poised and ready, but not for a question like that. Astonished, dazed, and a bit confused she exclaimed "Are you serious?"
"oh yes" I casually answered with a reassuring smile.
On her face she had composed herself and was calm but under her elegant exterior the questions marks were going crazy. What is this thing! she was thinking.

She opened a lower draw on counter and fumbled through some brassier, eventually she had come to one in which she hesitantly proclaimed, "this might fit"
"I'm more worried about my size then my cup" I replied
for a moment she had forgotten who her customer was
"oh, of course."
"your a man" she added...

Photos of the tank i tried on, notice the FAT!
More fantastic photos to come.

still to come:

-"So, what do you think?
Who's the pretty lady i see in the mirror?"

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