Sunday, September 26, 2010


So, a long await properly authenticated Jon Li blog entry is way overdue.
Tonight, i shall endevour to deliver what my enticing groupies have eagerly awaited...ah crap, distracted by facebook and msn already =[

So, the last time I posted was far too long ago so I shall just rant about my recent evening with the people I so dearly love.
We have, the big 3, the little 3, the tiny 3 then we have M, J, C, K, and N.

A couple of months ago T had found out that his parents were going to leave for holiday, being the social person he is, he immediately came up with the idea of having a party. Not just any party, the party of the street, the party of the neighborhood hood, the party of the year! T WAS GOING TO HOST! THE FIRST EVERY ANNUAL CHILLOUT PARTY!


He did.

And it was a great success.

That is all.

Most of you reading this would have been at the party. Cause your guys are the only ones that really care, everyone else is too busy living their miserable lives with out Jon. ^^

The night before.
hmm, i can hardly remember myself :P but i think it was KD, L, T and myself at his place and we were discussing what we were to do, the arrangement of the lights, the preparation of the meats and what we were going to eat for dinner cause we were pretty hungry, we ended up getting fish and chips.

oh, that was the day that I met up with M too, she had just rushed to finish her assignment so I went to UQ to maximize our time together, see? I can be caring and sweet!


The day before that! I met up with Turtle who was meeting up with M-T, and T. So me being bored and lonely, and having this very attention seeking persona, decided to join them. We had lunch at Kadoya and then went over to southbank to watch a movie.
As soon as the cinema was in sight we all got simultaneous headaches.

School Holidays = Children 
Children = Noisy 
Noisey = Annoying 
Annoying = Bad

School Holidays = Bad 

MOVIES = expecting relaxation/mind melt

School Holidays + Annoying + Noisy + Children + Movies = 4(Bad)+Mind Melt 

Conculsion: Jon dislike school holidays because he dislikes noisy annoying children that he cant hit or physically and/or verbally abuse without consequences. 


So we went back to the myre centre and watched
Avatar: The last airbender.

It was only book one.
It was not very good.
It contained about 10mins of cool footage
It was dark and I feel over.
It was long so I got pins and needles
It was busy so I had to scare a fat man of my seat.

FEEEEEOOOOOWWWWWW *transported now to friday*

Friday, Friday.
This is was the Day.
that the suns ray
was quite gray
but it was okay.
cause the clouds went away.
and the sun did stay.

ohh friday, words cannot describe the joy and happiness I had.
Thanks everyone!
Thanks to L and S for doing my hair and makeup! I have to admit I've grown quite fond of cross dressing.

That is all for tonight I think. I am tired and my brain has wondered away in thought so i must run after it.

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