Sunday, September 12, 2010


The beginning of the end!
not really, just the end of a great night and the start of Sunday the 12th of September!

Had a blast with T and N. Damn J kept texting but never left Fatties!
First I had to show T this great to hidden away venue that look absolutely awesome! The rest of you might see it if i do end up having my birthday there.

We went to Balcony 153, it was nice up there, but you really need a group, the atmosphere was good, and the age group of it was generally around the 20s, mainly Caucasians, and there was no DJ, but keep in mind we went there about 9:30ish just to check it out.

After that we headed into the Valley, we got there at about 10ish so i decided to take T to the opening night of the new Club/Bar Woodland. Woodland is a Hipster, reggae, alternative venue located down an alley way, from the street you'll see mainly people socializing on the side walk from the two clubs right next to the alley but if you walk down the unsuspecting lane you'll find yourself at a hidden retreat with fantastic music and people. On the dance floor there was a single guy dancing, and to me it instantly reminded me of the man that was dancing on the hill in that youtube video, (i'm sure you know the one). Just before we left i talked to a woman who looked like Megan Washington, with the Bob and the large glasses, I asked her who had it first, and she said, it has to be her, cause she was much older than Megan Washington =D

After our trip in the woods we headed back to the more well known places and partied away out nights.

At the end of the night I had ended up with 5stamps and 1 glow stick.
the stamp from the bank is really cool cause they use a UV link so the stamp only shows up under UV light.
The glow stick was from Hot Gossip. N was shooting for the club.
On the way to Mystique we were lucky enough to see a performance by a young dance crew, the video should be up on my facebook.
Cudos go out to N for getting us on the lists.
Happy Birthday to Yong, though i doubt you read this.
Cudos for T too for giving me a lift home and keeping my company.

Great night guys, hope some others will join my next one =D

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