Monday, September 6, 2010


ABRUPTLY i woke up this morning...
before I woke up I was dreaming, I was dreaming I was in a bakery and they made fantastic berry and fruit cakes and muffins and stuff with BERRIES! FRESH BERRIES!

So yeah, I woke up craving =[ now i want like a blueberry muffin or something =[

hehe today is going to be a fat day for me. I plan on drinking coffee everywhere. Eating takoyaki, duck dry noodle, and other foods ! HAHA I"M A FATTY !!! BUT not as fat as SERENA! no thats a lie. serena has no FAT! AT ALL! crazy girl.

on a side note, isn't this weather fantastic?! its gray, and cold and drizzling! <3
weather love! can't wait to brighten up someones day ^^

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