Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Confessions of a teenage uni student.

And before we start, YES i'm still a teenager.

So sitting in class, waiting for a lecturer to show up to their own 8am lecture yes they are still absent, this is what uni is all about.
I sit in a class of about 50ish~ people of whom I know none. Typical Class for me.
I sit towards the back, along the sides, but not so far back and into the side that i seem like the antisocial, life hating student that I really am.
Scaning ever person to walk through the doors, checking out the girls, and sizing up the boy, and checking out the girls that come in with guys then sizing up the guys to see if its worth the trouble.
Hey guy, welcome to uni!
okay guys, i've got an idea, the moment the lecturer starts i shall dictate what she/he says. Although i do have some awfully slow typing hahahahaahaha.
oh god, i'm already going crazy. I could really do with a coffee right about now, or even better, my bed, and my pillow.

8:05am, still waiting,
8:10 OH WAIT! HE's HERE!

so many asians in this class....
quite a few girls too....

OH GAWD! I cant even understand his accent T.T

fuck this, i give up.

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