Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Waking up early and slowly grinding my way to university on an empty stomach I ventured toward Z block longing for its shelter and warmth. I knew that in Z block there was a little coffee shop but I had never bought from there before, and I will never again.
As I arrived my stomach craved food and my tongue wanted raisin toast, unfortunately this shop did not stock it. Instead I ordered a lonely Mocha, oh how horrible it was.
The menu said that there were 3 sized, regular, tall and bigger ( I can't remember that actual term), but when I went to order I was informed that there was only two. I ordered a small and it cost me a very inflated $4.25. I waited, the coffee was made. Immediately the coffee that stood before me did not seem right. The foam was too white. I slowly took my first sip and then another. Four sips later I had finally thinned down the ridiculous amount of foam and reached the milk/espresso/chocolate.
This is when i realised why there was so much foam. The coffee was burn, a disgusting aroma. The beans were old and stale, a taste very vulgar upon my pallet. Finally the chocolate was so subtle that I would almost swear that it did not exist.
I would not recommend the Mocha from Espresso Plus in Z-block to anyone. I guess that teaches my to venture away from my premium coffees in Albert lane.

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