Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I got into the city pretty early this morning and had some free time so I went for a stroll. I walked down queen street, saw that bread top was open! so ran over there and got some food. Then continued down adelaide street and then crossed back to queen street and then down onto the eagle street pier. From there I followed the river walk and ended up at the storey bridge.

I walked past two boats on the way, to you guys they probably have no significance but to me they are special because they symbolize where my family started in this country. When my father first came to Brisbane he worked on these two boats. The Kookaburra River Queens I and II. This is before and during my birth. My parents moved from China and ended up in Brisbane with no money to their name. Both attending tafe, my Mother working as a cleaner and my father a kitchen hand.

River Queen I: the one with two paddles on either side.

River Queen II: Has One large paddle on the rear.

I sat down on a bench to eat my yummy snack from bread top. Whist I was sitting there I thought to myself: Brisbane isn't a bad place, In fact I do love it here, its not to big or densely populated, and if you really want to find beauty you can.

This is a panorama i took from where i was sitting. I thought it was beautiful because it had the Bridge, the cliffs, the river and some buildings. To me, that pretty much sums up Brisbane; colorful, but not grande. (i don't think you can see the cliffs in that photo)

The following is just me playing around with panorama, its really cool, because you just scan it automatically takes photos.

a photo of my study area. its a mess, just the way i like it! =D

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