Monday, May 9, 2011



Since the beginning of my memories you have been there and even before. In my mother photos there are photos of you cradling me as a baby and then holding me up with your strong arms as a i slowly grew aware of the function of my feet. I remember spending countless hours with you as I ate my meals, and even sometimes spilling food on you. You never got angry at me, you never shouted at me, you always smiled back at me and supported me no matter what.
You were there with me watching cartoons in the morning and movie at night. You where there when I got my first game console and you sat there with me as I slowly learned how to play.
When I was tired you made me comfortable and let me fall asleep in your embrace.
I saw you everyday of my life. When we moved houses you moved with us but soon after you moved to somewhere else and I didn't see you as often. I still saw you most days, but we interacted less and less. I missed you because no one ever treated me as nice as you did. No one held me as comfortably as you did. No one smiled at me the way you did.
I remember the first time I came home drunk you where there for me. I don't remember how you found me, or how i found you, but in the morning i woke up to see you. You had kept me safe and warm. This happened so many times and every time i had you to lean on. You never let me down, you never gave up on me. You're probably one of my oldest and closest friends and I love you so much. I'll never forget you.

This evening, I came home and something was missing. My white leather couch had been moved out onto the lawn. This week is the week that all the unwanted things get picked up for free by the council and chucked into landfill. My white couch was one of those unwanted item.
You shall never be forgotten, forever in my heart. T.T So many memories.....

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